Tuesday, September 27, 2005

View of the "old country": Webcam Dornbirn Marktplatz

Our Wehinger ancestors lived in the Marktplatz (market square) area of Dornbirn, Austria for hundreds of years (from the 1630s to at least the 1830s). According to the official Dornbirn web site:
The centre of Dornbirn, the “Marktplatz” (market square), is one of the most interesting and amusing places in Vorarlberg. Three and a half centuries of different architectural styles can be found here alongside each other, from the baroque “Rote Haus” typical of the Rhine valley, the Neo-Classical parish church of St Martin, the old-style German Luger-Haus and art nouveau facades, to the Bank-Quader built in the 1960s and the reproduction of old local house types like “Hirschen-Haus”. (Sehenwertes Dornbirn)
Now you can see it for yourself, with the Dornbirn Marktplatz Webcam. (just remember that it's is about 9 hours later than California time).

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Evangelical St. Paul's Cemetery Photos

Esther (Kraus) Mabry was a member of St. Paul's Evangelical Church (now UCC) in Columbia, Illinois, as were were her parents, grandparents and even several of her great+ grandparents. Most of her ancestors were buried in the Evangelical St. Paul cemetery.

Several volunteers, particularly Judy Lindquist (a cousin on the Wenkel side), have photographed gravestones in Evangelical St. Paul cemetery, and shared them with their fellow genealogists on the Evangelical St. Paul Cemetery Page.

Esther's Parents
Fred Kraus (1874-1928) and Katherine (Wenkel) Kraus (1879-1964)

Esther's Grandparents
• Daniel and Margaretha (Eckert) Krauss (not pictured)
John Wenkel (1853-1918) and Margareth Sophia (Lepp) Wenkel (1857-1949)

Esther's Great grandparents
Daniel Krauss, Sr. (1817-1887) and Catherine (Jaeger) Krauss (1815-1882)

•(Margaretha (Eckert) Krauss's parents are not known)

William Wenkel (1831-1905) : buried with his third wife Christina (Schuckhardt) Wenkel
Catherine (Stumpf) Wenkel (1835-1862)

William Lepp (1828-1912) and Paulina (Wehinger) Lepp (1832-1906)

Esther's Great-great-grandparents

Conrad Wenkel (1800-1858) and Henriette (Bierwirth) Wenkel (1804-1881)

• Esther's Krauss, Jaeger, Eckert, and Wehinger great grandparents did not emigrate to America.

• Wilhelm Lepp's father died in Oppenheim, Germany. His mother, Johanna (Leip) (Lepp) Reitz probably died between 1850 and 1860 in Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois. She is probably buried there.

• George Stumpf (1801-1875) and Elisabeth (Keim) Stumpf (1801-1853) are buried New Hanover Cemetery (only George's grave is pictured)

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