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Mini bio: John & Margaret (Lepp) Wenkel

Brief biography of Johann Conrad "John" Wenkel (1853-1918) and his wife, Sophia Margaretha "Margaret" Lepp (1857-1949). Their position on the family tree.

Johann Conrad "John" Wenkel
John Wenkel
Birth: July 19, 1853 in Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois.
Parents: Wilhelm Conrad "William Wenkel and Anna "Katherina" Stumpf
Known residences:
--- Lived in or near Columbia, Illinois his entire life.
Occupation: Farmer
Death: December 4, 1918 in Columbia, Illinois.Buried in St. Paul Evangelical (UCC) Cemetery, Columbia, Illinois.

Sophia Margaretha "Margaret" Lepp
Margaret (Lepp) Wenkel
Birth: April 23, 1857 in Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois
Baptism: June 7, 1857 at St. Paul Gemeinde (now UCC) in Waterloo, Illinois
Parents: Wilhelm Lepp and Pauline Wehinger
Known Residences:
--- 1860 living in Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois
--- 1862-3 living in Centreville (Millstadt), St. Clair County, Illinois
--- 1870 until death: lived in or near Columbia, Illinois.
Death: August 7, 1949 in Columbia, Illinois. Buried in St. Paul Evangelical (UCC) Cemetery, Columbia, Illinois.

Marriage and Children

John Wenkel married Margaret Lepp on November 30, 1875 in Columbia, Illinois.

Children of John and Margaret (Lepp) Wenkel:
--- baby boy: born and died in about 1876
--- Pauline Wilhelmina Wenkel: born 1877, married Frederich "Fritz" P. Eckert
*** Katherina Elizabetha "Katie" Wenkel: born 1879, married Valentin Friedrich "Fred" Kraus
--- Mathilda Christine "Tille" Wenkel: born 1881, married Johann Wilhelm "John" Stumpf
--- Emma Lucinde Wenkel: born 1883, married William Heinrich Friedrich Stumpf
--- Bertha Elisabeth Wenkel: born 1886, married Edmund Landgraf
--- Ida Magdalena Wenkel: born 1888, married Theodore Eschmann
--- Clara Wenkel: born 1890, married Richard Schmidt

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Off-site links
Funeral Card of Sophia Margaretha (Lepp) Wenkel
• Gravestone photo:John Wenkel (1853-1918) and Margareth Sophia (Lepp) Wenkel (1857-1949), buried in St. Paul Evangelical Cemetery, Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois.
Baptism Records of St. Paul's Evangelical in Waterloo - Margaret Lepp's baptism record
Death records of St. Paul's Evangelical in Columbia - with scans of both John and Margaret's death records.

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