Sunday, August 15, 2004

Mini bio: Martin and Margaretha (Einsle) Wehinger

Brief biography of Johann "Martin" Wehinger (1779-1839) and his wife, Margaretha Einsle (1792-?). Their position on the family tree.

Johann "Martin" Wehinger

Birth: July 25, 1779 in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria
Parents: Joseph Wehinger and Maria Elisabetha Heflin
Known Residences:
--- lived his entire life Riedgasse 26, Dornbirn
Occupation: Fuker?
Death: April 1, 1839

Margaretha Einsle

Birth: March 23, 1792 in Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria
Parent: Johan Martin Einsle
Death: unknown

Marriage and Children

Johann "Martin" Wehinger and Margaretha Einsle married before 1814 in Dornbirn.

Children of Martin and Margaretha (Einsle) Wehinger
--- Joseph Anton Wehinger: born 1814
--- Anna Maria Karolina Wehinger: born 1819, married Joseph Anton Kaufmann
--- Thomas Ferdinand Wehinger: born 1821, married Anna Maria Rein and Anna Maria Hilbe.
--- Johann Friedrich Wehinger: born 1822
--- Maria Elisabetha Wehinger: born 1826
--- Josef "Albert" Wehinger: born 1829, married Friederike (Steinhagen) Lott, then Katharina (Steinhagen) Hanebutt
*** Paulina Wehinger: born 1832, married William Lepp

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