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Mini bio: William and Paulina (Wehinger) Lepp

Brief biography of Wilhelm "William" Lepp (1828-1912) and his wife, Paulina Wehinger (1832-1906). Their position on the family tree.

Wilhelm "William" Lepp
William Lepp
Birth: January 20, 1828 in Oppenheim, Hesse-Darmstadt (now in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany)
Parents: George Philipp Lepp and Johanna Leip
Known Residences:
--- 1849 emigrated to Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois
--- 1851 worked in St. Louis, Missouri for a year
--- 1852 living in Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois
--- 1861 moved to Millstadt, St. Clair County, Illinois
--- 1865 (about) moved to Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois
--- lived in Columbia until his death
Occupation: Farmer
Death: October 11, 1912 in Columbia, Illinois. Buried in St. Paul Evangelical (UCC) Cemetery, Columbia, Illinois.

Paulina Wehinger
Pauline (Wehinger) Lepp
Birth : May 14, 1832 in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria
Parents:Johann "Martin" Wehinger and Margaretha Einsle
Known Residences:
---1852 (about) Immigrated to Monroe County, Illinois
--- lived the rest of her life with her husband William
Death: March 20, 1906. Buried in St. Paul Evangelical (UCC) Cemetery, Columbia, Illinois.

Marriage and Children

William Lepp married Charlotte Besch (or Best) on September 7, 1851 in Monroe County, Illinois. Charlotte died in 1854.

William Lepp married Paulina Wehinger on October 4, 1855 in Monroe County, Illinois.

Children of William and Charlotte (Besch) Lepp
--- Anna Maria "Mary" Lepp: born 1852, married John Gummersheimer.
--- Catharina Lepp: born 1854, died in childhood

Children of William and Paulina (Wehinger) Lepp
They had two sets of twins: Margaret and Fred, born in 1857 and Albert and Johannes, born in 1859.
*** Sophia Margaretha "Margaret" Lepp: born 1857, married Johann Conrad "John" Wenkel
--- Johann Friedrich "Fred" Lepp: born 1857, married Fancisca "Frenz" Steppig
--- Albert Lepp: born 1859, married Wilhelmina "minnie" Heiligstadt
--- Johannes Lepp: born 1859, died in infancy
--- Catherine "Katie" Lepp: born 1861, married Otto Ritter
--- Wilhelm "William" Lepp, Jr: born 1862, married three times: Elisabeth Lang, Caroline Lang, Caroline Sophia Haller
--- Emilie Elisabeth Caroline Lepp: born 1867, died in infancy
--- Wilhelmina "Mina Lepp: born 1870, married William Fred Schaefer, then Herman Mundinger

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