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Mini bio: Georg and Elisabeth (Keim) Stumpf

Brief biography of Johann "Georg" Stumpf (1804-1875) and his wife, Elisabeth Keim (1811-1853). Their position on the family tree.

Johann "Georg" Stumpf

Birth: November 18, 1804 in Gross Zimmern, Hesse-Darmstadt (now in Hessen, Germany)
Parents: Johann Heinrich Stumpf and Eva Katharine Hottes
Known Residences:
--- Emigrated to Monroe County, Illinois in the 1830s. May have stopped first in Pennsylvania.
--- Lived in Columbia Precinct (near New Hanover) until his death
Occupation: Farmer
Death: November 25, 1875. Buried in Zoar Cemetery, New Hanover, Illinois.

Elisabeth Keim

Birth: June 15, 1811, either in Germany or Pennsylvania
Parents: unknown
Death: October 6, 1853. Buried in Zoar Cemetery, New Hanover, Illinois

Marriage and Children

Johann "Georg" Stumpf married Elisabeth Keim, probably about 1833 in either Pennsylvania or Illinois. Elisabeth died in 1853.

Johann "Georg" Stumpf had probable second marriage in 1854 to Barbara Grison in Monroe County, Illinois.

Children of Georg and Elisabeth (Keim) Stumpf
--- John Stumpf: born about 1834, married Bertha Louis Honnan (or Horn)
*** Anna "Katharina" Stumpf: born 1835, married William Conrad Wenkel
--- Heinrich "Henry" Stumpf: born 1842, married Chrstiana "Philipine" Wilhelmine Riebeling.

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Off-site links
Zoar Cemetery (New Hanover, Monroe County, Illinois) Index (lists George and Elizabeth (Keim) Stumpf)
Gravestone of Georg Stumpf (large jpg) from the Zoar Cemetery Page. At first glance it appears that George's birthdate is 1801, however closer inspection makes it appear to me that the thin lines making the "4" have simply worn off - note the large gap between the 0 and the "1".
Zoar Church Records: Deaths

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