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Mini bio: George Philip and Johanna (Leip) Lepp

Brief biography of George Philip Lepp (1785-1844) and his wife, Johanna "Hanna" Leip (1803-<1860). Their position on the family tree.

George Philip Lepp

Birth: March 10, 1785 in Oppenheim, Hesse-Darmstadt (now in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany).
Parents: Johann Georg Lepp and Katharine Mueller
Known Residences:
--- Lived his entire life in Oppenheim
Occupation: Haefnermeister (master barrel maker)
Death: April 17, 1844 in Oppenheim.

Johanna "Hanna" Leip

Birth: January 19, 1803 in Nierstein, Hesse-Darmstadt (now in Hessen, Germany)
Parents: Johann Friedrich Leip and Maria Magdalena Hoehn
Known Residences:
--- 1824 moved to Oppenheim with husband Georg Lepp
--- 1849 (about) moved to Waterloo, Monroe County, Illinois with second husband Johann Reitz
Death: between 1850 and 1860.

Marriages and Children

George Philip Lepp married Ann Marie Neumann on October 1, 1809 in Oppenheim. Ann Maria died in 1810. There were no children.

George Philip Lepp married Marie Marguerite Koch on December 26, 1810. They had one son who died in infancy

George Philip Lepp married Johanna Leip on December 5, 1824 in Oppenheim. George died in 1844.

Johanna (Leip) Lepp married Johann Reitz about 1845 in Germany.

Children of George and Johanna (Leip) Lepp
--- Friedrich Lepp: born 1825, probably married Margaretha Spiess.
*** Wilhelm "William" Lepp: born 1828, married Charlotte Besch, then Paulina Wehinger
--- Georg Lepp: born 1831, died as a child.
--- Johann "John" Lepp: born 1834, married Agathe Wehinger

Children of Johann and Johanna (Lepp Leip) Reitz
--- Louis Reitz: born about 1846.

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