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Mini bio: Conrad and Henriette (Bierwirth) Wenkel

Brief biography of Johann "Conrad" Christoph Wenkel (1800-1858) and his wife, Henriette Bierwirth (1804-1881). Their position on the family tree.

Johann "Conrad" Christoph Wenkel
Conrad Wenkel
Birth: May 30, 1800 in or near Ebeleben area (now in Thuringen, Germany)
Parents: Johann Friedrich Wenkel and Dorothea Maria Hupe
Known Residences:
---1846 arrived in New York on the ship "Iris" . The Wenkel family eventually settled in Monroe County, Illinois.
--- remainder of his life lived in or near Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois
Occupation: linen weaver (in Germany), farmer (in Illinois)
Death: June 3, 1858 in Columbia, Illinois. Buried in St. Paul Evangelical (UCC) Cemetery, Columbia, Illinois.

Henriette Bierwirth
Henrietta (Bierwirth) Wenkel
Birth: August 14, 1804 in Grosswenden (now in Thuringen, Germany)
Parents: Friedrich Bierwirth and Maria Louise Fliemert
Known Residences:
--- lived with husband Conrad until his death, then continued living in Columbia
Death: May 16, 1881 in Columbia, Illinois. Buried in St. Paul Evangelical (UCC) Cemetery, Columbia, Illinois.

Marriage and Children

Johann "Conrad" Christoph Wenkel married Henriette Bierwirth on September 29, 1822 in Grosswenden (now in Thuringen, Germany).

Children of Conrad and Henriette (Bierwirth) Wenkel
--- Caroline Marie Wilhelmine "Lena" Wenkel: born 1824, married Friedrich Schaefer, then Louis Schaefer (first husband of Dorothea Wenkel)
--- Friedrich Christoph Theodore "Fritz" Wenkel: born 1826, married Augusta Maul, then Mina Kalowsky (widow of Wilhem Kuenstle).
--- Johanna "Dorothea" Wenkel: born 1827, married Louis Schaefer
--- Friedericke Henriette Wenkel: born 1830, married Carl Heinrich Friederich "Henry" Mund
*** Wilhelm Conrad "William" Wenkel: born 1832, married Anna "Katharina" Stumpf, then Louise "Augusta" Zweig, then Christina Schuckardt.
--- Auguste Wenkel: born 1836
--- Friedericke "Emilia" Wenkel: born about 1838, married Peter Wilhelm Mueller
--- Wilhelmine "Mina" Wenkel: born 1841, married Ludwig Ernst "Conrad" Roever
--- Henriette Wenkel: born 1843, married Jacob Gundlach

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