Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Monroe County, Illinois Funeral Cards: Wenkel, Kraus, Lepp

The ancestors of Esther (Kraus) Mabry (1905-1986) lived in and around Columbia in Monroe County, Illinois for several generations. The Monroe County Genweb site has added a lot of material recently. Among the interesting items are scanned funeral cards. There are a number for our relatives, including:

Ida (Kraus) Schmidt - sister of Esther (Kraus) Mabry. [neither Esther, nor her sister Edna (Kraus) Baker]

Esther's maternal aunts
(sisters of her mother Katie (Wenkel) Kraus):
Pauline (Wenkel) Eckert
Mathilda (Wenkel) Stumpf and her husband John Stumpf.
Emma (Wenkel) Stumpf and her husband William Stumpf.
Bertha (Wenkel) Landgraf and her husband Edmund Landgraf.
[not included: Esther's mother, Katie (Wenkel) Kraus; and aunts Clara (Wenkel) Schmidt and Ida (Wenkel) Eschmann.]

Esther's paternal aunts and uncle (siblings of her father Fred Kraus):
Elizabeth (Kraus) (Payne) Penn
Louisa (Kraus) Harres, and her husband William Harres.
Annie (Kraus) Stumpf and her husband Philip Stumpf.
Henry Krauss
[not included: Esther's father, Fred Kraus, and his siblings Clara (Kraus) Schroeder, John Kraus, George Kraus, Bertha Kraus, Bill Kraus, and Emma (Kraus) Wingate)

Other family:
Sophia Margaretha (Lepp) Wenkel - mother of Katie (Wenkel) Kraus, grandmother of Esther (Kraus) Mabry. Also her twin brother Fred Lepp, Sr.
William Lepp, Sr. - father of Sophia Margaretha (Lepp) Wenkel (listed with his third wife, Caroline Haller, who is not our ancestor).

I will post more links to information from this site!

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At 8:23 PM, Blogger Peggy said...

Correction: "William Lepp, Sr" (1862-1941) listed above is NOT our ancestor. He is the son of our ancestor Wilhelm/William Lepp (1828-1912).

You can see Wilhelm/William's funeral card here.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Peggy said...

Additional related funeral cards at the Monroe County Genealogy site:

William Adam "Bill" Krauss (1889-1931): son of Daniel and Margaretha (Eckert) Krauss, brother of our ancestor Fred Kraus. [some family members dropped the second "s" in Krauss]

Agatha (Wehinger) Lepp (1854-1920): niece and sister-in-law of our ancestor Pauline (Wehinger) Lepp, who married John Lepp, brother of Wilhelm Lepp.

Catharina (Maurer) Kuehner (1838-1900): she is the first cousin of our ancestor Daniel Krauss, Jr.(1840-1905). Her parents Abraham and Catherine (Krauss) Maurer settled in the Columbia, Illinois area in 1837. It is likely that they encouraged our Krauss ancestors to settle there as well.

I'll post more about these branches of the family in the future.


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